Courtney Yasmineh

Red Letter Day Unplugged, Courtney Yasmineh's new EP, came about in the most organic and unexpected fashion. When Courtney was preparing for a set of East Coast radio station appearances and small gigs to promote the album Red Letter Day - the early 2015 release that is her most electric, full-tilt rock and roll album to date - it became apparent that bringing her regular backing band to the relatively tiny spaces most radio stations have for performances would be a logistical (and potentially sonic) nightmare. Ever enterprising and unafraid to wade into uncharted waters, Courtney and her drummer/longtime collaborator/musical director Rob Genadeck began rehearsing all-new, stripped down acoustic arrangements of the songs on Red Letter Day as a duo. Reaction to these new versions of the songs was immediate and overwhelmingly positive from all sides; DJs loved them, audiences loved them, and even her bandmates sitting on the sidelines back in Minneapolis couldn't help but acknowledge the way these gems had taken on a whole new polish and were shining brighter than ever. Seizing the moment, Courtney and Rob went back in the studio and recorded these new versions of five of the album's songs. "It's really interesting to me with these songs in particular," she comments, "because Red Letter Day was the first album I've done where I wrote everything in the studio, on electric guitar and working with the band. The first four albums, and every song I'd ever written before then actually, I just had done at home, sitting in my bedroom playing acoustic guitar. I've done solo acoustic shows in Europe lots of times, and played a few solo gigs here and there in Minnesota, and the response has always been great but, up until now, it's never anything I'd thought about committing to a record. This is the first time I've worked the entire process backwards - taking these electric songs that were created in the fairly stressful environment of the studio, and writing new arrangements for them; I'm not just playing the songs on acoustic guitar, there are real differences between the two versions. Even though I love these songs in their original form and I'm very proud of them, writing and recording these new arrangements was like breathing new life into them and falling in love with them all over again."



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