Little handmade books

I am making more of my little handmade books.

People are liking them.

It takes me about three hours to make one.

The little Moleskine books cost about $3.00 per book.

I charged 10 euros for each one on my most recent Europe tour and they all sold out in the first three or four shows.

Now I am charging $20 for each one and $25 for custom versions.

One very wonderful enthusiast has ordered a special edition version to honor his beautiful twelve year old dog.

I am happy to make these custom versions too.

But I am still pondering how to go global with these.

Maybe the answer is to chose ten different titles and make those ten into printed published sets that can be purchased individually or as a full packaged set.

We shall see.

In the meantime I love them, I look forward to sitting down to make one.

Time stands still when I have a beautiful environment and contemplative silence and a good fine point marker and a pristine little Moleskine book of thirty blank pages in my hand.

Create and you shall know God.

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