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I have been working in a very serendipitous fashion with this great guy Magic Marc Percansky.

It started with our mutual high regard for the music of Bob Dylan and it has included Marc's interest in my own music, which I consider a very big compliment.

Marc's interest and enthusiasm for my songwriting and my writings has lead to him asking for some commissioned work around the very fun subject of his Doberman Pinscher named Ruby.

He asked me to make one of my handmade small books about Ruby for him and I did.

One of the pages says "the sun shines on Ruby", and we both agreed that sounds like a song lyric.

So I wrote a song to go with it and now the song sounds like the theme of an animated series to me.

I'm going to try to make a few comic strips of the adventures of Ruby.

Can I do it?

Do I have time?

Will they be good?

I have no idea, I've never tried to do graphic novel or comic strip or anything like that but I did make a lot of drawings in my handmade books and they turned out cool, so you never know.

The point of this post today whatever the heck comes to your mind.

If it comes to mind, it has probably come from the Great Unknown and you should just obey and do it and see what happens.

This weekend I'm working with my son Jordan on the commissioned animated lyrics video for the song.

I'm also working with Steve Cohen, Mpls photographer and videographer, filming Ruby the dog and I performing the new song for a music video in documentary style that will also capture the recording process with Rob Genadek, Jon James, and hopefully keyboardist Jeff Victor.

Obey the creative impulses and life blossoms before you.

Here's me and Magic Marc himself, a magic guy all around, and he brings out the magic in others which is also a magic trick.

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