so much to do

I'm really having a great experience working on this commissioned song for the dog named Ruby.

Last night was particularly joyful because we got to reunite with one of my favorite musicians, Jon James.

I never thought I would feel so grateful to be living and working on music in Minneapolis.

Rob Genadek's studio, Uptown Sound Recording on Hennepin and 26th, is such a glamorous place to make music. And the location is central. We know such excellent musicians here. And people are not inundated with work, or bogged down by impractical commute times. Also, the geography of Minneapolis in proximity to Nashville, or Chicago, L.A. or N.Y.C., Minneapolis musically feels like a melting pot of popular music sensibilities. 

We don't have the twang of true Nashville. We do not have the true edge of NYC or London punk rock. We are Midwestern and you can hear that in our Americana approach to our recordings.

But I am hearing the beauty in this. We have some perspective and some flexibility that I am finding to be valuable.

I hope we can retrieve our cover tune recordings and finish that project. The two guys we want to have finish those recordings with us are the same two guys from the "Apparition:the pirate edit" music video I have here on my videos page of this website. 

I talked to JJ last night about touring again as a full band and he said he's definitely interested.

I still need to talk to Kale, and I will soon.

Wouldn't it be awesome to finish making the cover tunes album and then bring the exact full band that played on those recordings out on tour and release that right before the tour? An all Minneapolis bad ass band.

We can do great two hour concerts with a full band like that because Kale plays bass but he also plays virtuosic violin and we can do anything from my folkiest folk to my edgiest punk rock. And everybody's a great singer so we can do our four part harmonies.

Oh Lord, make it happen.

In the meantime, before this dream can come true, these recordings need to be salvaged, or not, finished, and manufactured.

I need to book enough shows for March 2019 for Rob and I as the duo to lay the best possible groundwork for the return in September 2019. 

I need to book lucrative big shows for September 2019 so that we can bring the band and succeed financially.

I want to take the full band for two weeks to Europe, then for ten days to the East Coast of the US and for ten days to the West Coast of the US.

Come on Universe. Let's do this.

Like I said, I have a lot to do.

Not to mention finishing the writing piece for the grant application. Yikes.

Here's me last night beaming with joy over all the rosy prospects with Rob, and JJ, and Marc, and the gang.

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