something very fun tomorrow!

I'm excited to say that tomorrow I get to share with you and with the world the new animated lyrics video that my son Jordan has made for the Ruby project.

As I told you in yesterday's blog, Magic Marc Percansky had a vision for a song about his beloved dog Ruby and first I got on board with the songwriting and then Rob Genadek was in charge of making a recording, and then Jordan was in charge of making a lyrics video.

My son has been either allowed or forced, depending on how he feels about it on any given day, to be the brilliant design mastermind behind his mother's music career. 

Jordan has stayed up late on school nights more times than he should have been asked to helping his mom get her CD artwork turned in before a new album printing. 

Jordan has come up with all the cool designs you see at my merch table, the drawing of the little red amplifier, the brain plus heart equals a little black record for our very own tongue in cheek "Stupid Bitch Records" label.

Jordan has been working for me since he was about fourteen years old. I didn't know whether art was his calling, I don't think he knew either, but now he is out of college, after graduating from NYU with a specialized major in design plus entrepreneurial business studies.

Jordan is well read and speaks French fluently, is very philosophical and sensitive. I'm extremely proud of him and I delight in his company. He's one of my very favorite people to talk to and he and I talk on the phone quite often. He is in California right now doing a paid internship in design for a very cool company, and word has it that they are gearing up to offer him a very cool customized full time position in the new year. We shall see where his career leads him but I know that he is on a beautiful path and he is a beautiful gentle soul with many wonderful promises yet to be delivered in his life.

Tomorrow I will share with you what my son Jordan conjured up for this new Ruby song. The guy himself, Magic Marc, becomes a character with his lovely Doberman named Ruby at his side. You see them much more in this video than I was thinking you would. The animation for a lyrics video like this is very time consuming and artistically challenging to create and my son really out did himself. 

You've seen Jordan's lyric video work before on my "Tower Card" song and with this new Ruby video you will see is an extension of Jordan's creative scope as an animator.

I do think that a series of comic strips about The Adventures Of Magic Marc And Ruby would also be fun.

As for me today, I'm 10,000 words into the writing of "Sidney: Book Three" and that's nearly the number of pages of new unpublished writing I need to apply for the McKnight Fellowship I told you about previously. The cut off to apply is in about a week so I am right on schedule and very excited for that. 

So tomorrow morning, tune in here so you can see our animated video made by my son Jordan for our "The Sun Shines On Ruby" song.

Have a good day!

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