The Sun Shines On Ruby

My daughter Nina likes an expression she read that says something about shaking the fruit tree thinking you're going to get pears and instead you get oranges...or pears I suppose like in Heike's garden.

Shake the fruit tree. 

Shaking the fruit tree of your life probably entails praying and visualizing, but it also entails sending out emails and networking. It probably entails coming up with new ideas on your bike ride and then going home and executing the ideas.

It probably entails saying yes when others ask to collaborate.

It probably entails saying yes when a great guy you've known for years first asks you to write a little handmade book about his dog Ruby and then asks you to write a song based on the little book.

Yes is the only answer.

As you know I've been shaking my fruit tree of life like mad in every which way I can think of hoping to get any fruit at all.

The Ruby Sessions started last night.

I felt like the ripe pear tree in Heike's garden.

I felt ready and capable, bountiful and blessed.

I love the song I wrote and it worked well and stood up to all the tests of being put through Rob Genadek's paces of his rigorous preproduction scrutiny.

I know how to write a good song. I know how to play a good backing part on the guitar. I know how to sing in tune and humbly but joyfully express the Divine in a small song about a guy and his dog.

I feel that the Ruby Sessions have come along just at the exact moment I needed them.

They've put some money in my pocket (commissioned work) and they've put some hope in my heart.

I feel joyful and I've got a spring in my step.

I was not praying, "Please God have somebody pay me to write a song for their dog" but when the ripe pears have appeared, we've made ourselves a tart.



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