working hard and having fun

I'm working hard and having fun and that feels great.

I love being busy, but busy doing what feels like the very best use of my time in all moments.

"What's the very best use of my time right now?" is a good question to ask.

If the answer is "sit right here and have a drink with my colleagues" then that's truth.

If the answer is "lie down and listen to a meditation recording for an hour and say affirmations of awesomeness for myself" then that's what it is.

Yesterday I made time for everything, even a two mile run in the morning, even a nice late dinner at home with Rob. 

Yesterday I worked in the recording studio for about seven hours recording this new commissioned song.

We got an excellent lead vocal track; Rob and I both think it's the best vocal track so far of my career.

Rob says that not one note is being fixed for pitch or timing or anything. Pretty great!

We also spent a lot of time creating some really vibrant backing vocals and harmony parts.

Rob Genadek is great at making up and singing backing harmonies. He was awesome yesterday. 

Here's a photo of yesterday's session.

We had my little dog Aidan with us all day at the studio too and he really enjoyed it.

And again we had the fun privilege of working with Marc Percansky who is at the helm of the "Ruby" project.

And for the fashion girls, the dress is from LoveShackFancy.


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