happy to have this to look forward to

I am very happy to have good work and good products to unveil for you in the coming days.

When grief comes knocking at your door, as it does at some time for us all, having good things in the works is as good or better than money in the bank.

Good music projects that I can share are like spiritual bags of gold.

They are their own currency.

It's a currency of LOVE that is not quantifiable by the world's weary standards.

A beautiful melody, a well-crafted lyric, a charming vocal delivery, these things are the lightning in a bottle that we alchemists of music try to capture every day, every project.

Tomorrow you will see what I consider to be work well done on every level.

My son's animated lyrics video for the song I wrote for the guy aptly named Magic Marc and his faithful friend the Doberman Pinscher named Ruby is going to be up on Youtube.

I honestly cannot wait.

It's really really really nice.

Here's the promotional poster:

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